Manny Pacquiao misplaced his Vintage Rolex worth $585K, offers P5M reward to a person who can find it

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Meanwhile, an alleged “Manny Pacquiao” Facebook page went posted last August 21, 2014, that he lost his $585K Vintage Rolex watch and he is asking for help to share his post so that it can reach the one who took it.

Reward P5,000,000 sa sino mang magbabalik ng watch ko. I left my Vintage Rolex inside the restroom of a 5 star hotel in Manila, I removed my watch while washing my hands. This watch is more expensive than a FERRARI.Paki share naman baka makaabot sa nakakuha makonsensya at ibalik. Salamat po.

“Pacman” made his 2nd post claiming that his watch has been reported to Rolex Company. He then stated the specific model of his lost watch (Rolex Cosmograph year model 2010 with serial number G 753439).

A well versed and wise buyer of a very expensive rolex watch, will always verify the watch to the rolex center if the watch is stolen or not before you will buy the item. So this item is already alerted on their computer system record around the world. As simple as verifying to Highway patrol Group if the vehicle you are buying is not stolen.

Social media users became intrigued and wanted to know about more of that lost watch, especially the price. The alleged Pacquiao page replied:

Ok.. I will answer your questions. PRICE- $ 585,000 plus priceless sentimental value. Water resistant- Alam ko naman pong, water resistant sya kaso pag nabasa sya, hindi po ganun kadaling patuyiin lalo na pag pumasok yung tubig sa mga inbetween ng bracelet magkakaroon ng water marks. Ang rolex po ay di basta-basta pinupunasan ng tissue or ordinaring telala lang, dahil pag nag karoon ng scratch kahit konti, P5,000-10k po ang buffing sa rolex center. CCTV- 3 persons are now under investigation. Restroom- is located inside the function hall. Insurance- Insured po sya 100% I can file a claim to the insurance company, but the sentimental value is not insured at the same time this kind of model only 11 units was made around the world and it’s a limited edition. Well known owners of this model are Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, former Prime minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra, SM Malls President Hans Sy, Kobe bryant, London Prince Charles, a Dubai Prince,Cambodia Prime minister Hun Sen Etc.

As of now, it is still not confirmed whether this page is really owned by Manny Pacman Pacquiao.

This is a screenshot of the ‘Manny Pacquiao page’ used to post the missing Vintage Rolex watch:

Upon browsing, we easily found a “verified” Manny Pacquiao page with a blue check badge after his name with over 5 million fans. This one has no post about lost Vintage Rolex.

Which is which? Is it true that Pacman owned a Vintage Rolex watch worth $585K? And he is ready to give P5M to a person who can give it back?

True, or another hoax game?