WATCH: Talented young Pinoy bystanders amaze people by singing ‘Having You Near Me’ of Air Supply

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Social media user Zacky Kandalayang posted a video with a short description about these 3 boys enjoying themselves singing English songs in a sari-sari store in an early morning.

He listened for about 20 minutes, and he appreciated their talent.

Zacky then asked them if they want to be recorded and they responded with enthusiasm and willingness. As of writing, the original video uploaded already has over 31,000 shares and still growing.

In this video, Jhong introduces their trio band, in which he is the vocalist. Ivan, the lead guitarist and Samuel (sounds like) on bass guitar.

This is a 3:50 minute long video where this trio band stunningly performed ‘Having you Near Me’ by Air Supply.

Here’s a little story from the original uploader, Zacky Kandalayang:

A talent is a talent and it is maybe inborn or acquired. Sometimes it comes from an unexpected person hehehe.

I was awakened by the sound of guitars early this morning. I opened the windows and the curtains of my room (at my bhauz) and outside I saw a group of young looking boys happily singing together.

I listened to them closely for about 20 minutes and I cant help but appreciate such a talent (english songs mga kinakanta nila) and the way one of them sings mesmerized me.

His name was Jhong and he is 15 years old(sabi nya) Together with my BFF miss Lam Mores, we asked permission from them to let us videotaped them using my tablet notebook. Guess what! They willingly performed kahit mejo maingay ang back ground (gilid ng kalsada at may mga aso)

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Thank you…

UPDATE: The vocalist was identified asĀ Jhong Madaliday. According to his social media account, he’s from Davao City.