Clash of Clans players ‘Mitoy and Mika’ in love with each other

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Happy couple named Mitoy and Mika have been very thankful to the very popular online mobile game Clash of Clans as they found love through it.

As per the infamous site, these two individuals were just some players who happened to be in one group or more likely often coined as clan/guild. They were sharing battle strategies in terms of offense and defense and how to build strong army in CoC.

After playing the game for almost two years, they realized that they are developing to each other and their relationship went way beyond for just being playmates. They got in love with each other since then.

Their photos made it online and spread over social networking sites and critics are on the move. However, Mitoy doesn’t care about what other people think and say. He believes that forever really exists and the love they are feeling right now is genuine.

Also, Mika said she is not after a good-looking guy. She likes Mitoy because he is kindhearted and faithful.

They are very thankful to COC and they are encouraging people to share their love.

The infamous site first made the story and there is also an FB page dedicated to this couple. This story, however, is not verified and hard to be proven real until enough source/s are given.