Julia Montes cries when dad apologizes to her

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Actress Julia Montes couldn’t help but to cry when she finally met her biological father who left her and her mother ever since she was a baby.

In an interview with the actress on “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” Montes became emotional when Martin Schnittka, her father, apologized for his negligence.

They met in a restaurant in Cubao on Tuesday then arranged a meeting again the next day afternoon.

Montes shared one of the happiest moments of her life on her Instagram account. She posted a photo together with her father and thanked everyone who encouraged her.

Montes’s father left her and her deaf Filipina mother ever since the actress was just a baby.

The actress said that her life is finally complete as she already met her biological father. However, Mr. Schnittka has already another family in Germany and will go back to them this Friday.