Best Interior Design Trends for Your Home

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2019 is halfway over, but if you’re about to decorate your home or overhaul your interior design, it’s never too late to decorate with these inspirations in mind. While it’s true that interior design trends are constantly evolving, some of these trends are here to stay for quite some time.

If you’re ready to give your home a new look without having to stress over every little thing, here are some inspiration trends you should pay attention to:


Gone are muted colors gray in particular, conservative decorations and clean-cut furniture and fixture, because maximalism is making its way back into houses. From warm colors to more eclectic and cool interior decors to lots of textures and mixed metal accents, a homey vibe is the trend this year and it’s here to stay.

Embracing texture

From walls to furniture and even wall decors, clean doesn’t cut it in 2019. It’s all about embracing texture now! Furniture pieces made of natural materials like bamboo and rattan are at the forefront of texture in interior design. Textured wallpapers and accented wood and paneling adorn wall spaces in almost every facet of homes. In keeping with the homey vibe theme this year, textures provide a liveliness in a home’s space.

Biophilia interior

In relation to embracing texture with the use of natural influences in interior design, a biophilic concept reconnects your home to the environment. This is done by bringing the environment into your home. Talk about natural materials in furnishings and decors, plants and even the practical use of natural lighting are all elements that make up biophilia.

Eclectic and cool decors and wall arts

Fun and cool is the name of the game when it comes to decors and wall arts because after all, maximalism is in! More is better and stretching your creativity as far as the imagination can go is highly encouraged to come up with a personalized style. Along with free expression in styling your home, you also create a fun atmosphere that’s cozy and relaxed. With so many rooms and wall spaces to decorate, here’s a great starter on cool poster decorations ideas for your wall space: A few key points to consider when it comes to eclectic designing is not to

Mixed metals

Copper, bronze, gold, brass – these are just some of the metals that are coming back into style. A combination of two or more as accents to a room make for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Beyond that, mixed metals are classics – elegant and timeless design theme that suits almost any room styling. For gold, go for the muted ones though instead of rose gold.

Classics and vintage

Everything about 2019 is going back vintage! Vintage-inspired styling especially that of the 70s is bigger more than ever. Lots of woods, earth tones, velvet, and rich colors are coming back into living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens.

From embracing texture to eclectic interiors and mixed metal accents and a maximalist concept – all these design trends come together to form an interior space that communicates more of comfort and anything associated with it. Rather than focusing on styling and opulence in the home, 2019 is geared towards individualism, letting your personality shine through in a home that’s also cozy and welcoming!