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Up and Coming Countries In The Online Casino Gambling Industry

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The market for online gambling has witnessed a significant growth in the past few years perhaps due improvements in online gambling laws in many countries and also the increased use of mobile devices. Over 80 countries have legalized online gambling with Europe having the largest online gambling market. Most governments are seeking to benefit from tax revenues in the gambling industry hence there are many improvements in terms of legislation. In this article, we look at the developments in online gambling as well as the up and coming countries in the industry.

Japan casino


For many years, gambling has been frowned upon and discouraged in many countries but this has not stopped avid gamblers especially in the online casino industry. Many countries are reconsidering their stance against this lucrative industry that brings in large tax revenues annually by altering their gambling regulations. Japan is among the many promising countries when it comes to online casino gambling probably due to the determination of her citizens to find versatile online gambling sites. In 2016, the Japanese parliament passed a historic law legalizing gambling because of the revenue prospective that it could bring to the country. This change in legislation has attracted many investors into Japan although it may take some time for the industry to finally get in motion.

New Zealand Online casino

New Zealand

The gambling industry in New Zealand is growing every day. In fact, the national spending on gambling continues to increase significantly because the country has a very straightforward approach when it comes to the laws governing online gambling. The Department of Internal Affairs controls all gambling in New Zealand. The department further requires that some of the profit from all public gambling is returned to the community. However, no resident of New Zealand is allowed to operate, own or advertise for an online gambling site although they can play and join international online casinos. Such online casinos can be found at CasinoReviews

Philippines Casino


The Philippines is relatively new to online gambling but the industry offers many possible investment opportunities that contribute enormously to the country’s economy. Gaming analysts say that there is a lot of optimism that the Philippine gaming sector is poised for future growth thanks to the increasing investment inflow of gaming and investment funds into the country’s economy. However, online gaming laws need to be examined especially due to some duplicate and confusing legislation. For instance, an independent gaming operator cannot offer online gambling to Philippine citizens but an offshore gaming provider who is not connected in any way to the Philippines can offer the same gaming services to the citizens of Philippines.

Cambodia Casinos


Initially, gambling in Cambodia was seen as a “social evil” but online gambling is beginning to gain acceptance in this Asian country in the last few years. Both expatriates and Cambodians can enjoy online casino gambling. Foreigners are allowed to gamble provided its done in the country’s licensed resort gambling complexes. Cambodia has a booming online casino industry with over 30 online casinos as of 2016.

Online gambling is becoming more accessible to many people since customers only need to log into an online casino on their mobile device or laptop as opposed to visiting a physical casino.