MUST SEE! The world’s deadliest trail that will surely shock you from what’s at the peak

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Are you afraid of heights? Just asking because while writing this, it made my hands sweat and tremors.

This photojournal shows the Mt. Hua Shan in China with its gigantic set of stone stairs commonly known as the “Heavenly Stairs.” This surely so high that it’s very hard to see the endpoint.

After taking the Heavenly Stairs, the world’s most deadliest trail is next. It is called the Hua Shan plank path which leads to the peak of Hua Shan mountain.

This part is really dangerous yet thew views are very stunning, but what is at its peak will really amaze you.

The beautiful stairs of Mt. Hua Shan

And going up to the Heavenly Stairs continues

Little villages and houses in the mountain. Isn’t it amazing?

And here’s the exciting Gondola ride that will take you to the southern peak

After the exciting Gondola ride, things become really dangerous. This is where the plank path starts.

The only things that you can grasp are the chains and carabiners which were podlocked to metal stakes and hammered to the mountain rocks.

When someone from the opposite direction will pass, you need to get back to the nearest landing.

Those flags are marks to know which path you’re on as there are different paths lead to different landing areas

Here, the mountain is beginning to become stiff pointing directly to the peak.

The final assault to the peak will be the toe holes, climbing facing the mountain.

After the breathtaking 90-degree wall climb, trail is more relax at this time as we are approaching the peak.

Finally at the top! This peak has the southern temple which was now a tea house.

Many people are lured to cross the most dangerous path to end up in a tea house, yet a great adventure that will never be forgotten in one’s life.

The tea house on top of Mt. Hua Shan is an old Taoist temple. There are a total of 5 temples on each of the 5 peaks of the mountain.

Drinking tea became the culture of natives and monks in this area and this included in their daily meditation. Over time, this temple was converted into a tea house.

This tea house of Mt. Hua Shan is located on the southern peak and is 7,087 Mt. Huashan is 2,160 meters (7,087 feet) from the ground.

Mt. Hua Shan is located in Huayin, a city 120km east of Xi’an in the Shaanxi Province of China.