Unika Stenhus: Expert Stone House Builders

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At a time when sustainability is seen as one of the solutions of the Earth’s deterioration, one architectural firm is at the forefront of developing eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes. Unika Stenhus is a famous architectural firm in Sweden that specializes in the expert designing and building of stone houses. Its groundbreaking designs in modern sustainable homes have created quite a buzz both in Sweden and abroad.

What makes Unika Stenhus’ stone houses so distinctive?

The Design Concept

One of Unika Stenhus’ prototype

Other architectural firms rely on a single concept for structural and aesthetics design. Unika Stenhus, on the other hand, has combined both Japanese and Swedish architectural design to create a hybrid concept. This distinctive concept is built on the foundation of beauty in simplicity with a mind for sustainability.

Head architect Ola Torrång’s ingenious stone house was borne from his expert knowledge on Japanese and Swedish architecture and decades of designing and revising prototypes. He is constantly developing prototypes of the unique stone house to maximize customization and flexibility. To date, his house designs are the standard for energy-efficient and environment-friendly living in Sweden.

Advantages of the Unika Stenhus stone house

The greatest advantage of Unika Stenhus’ stone house is sustainability. The house is designed to interact with nature, getting the best of what it has to offer, while making sure to preserve it as well. The stone houses from Unika Stenhus are built to last a lifetime because it is damage- and maintenance-free. It does not rot and not prone to mold and pests.

The winter garden

The main foundation of Unika Stenhus’ design is concrete. This material has been used since time immemorial for its durability and ability to adapt to various weather conditions. Concrete absorbs heat during the day, keeping the home cool. While it releases heat during the night, keeping the home cozy warm and insulated. In addition, Ola Torrång has designed his stone houses’ roof with concrete elements.

Advanced structural design that promotes a fully customizable home. Ola Torrång is a man of vision, creating the concrete house’s structural design in such a way that it is flexible according to the homeowner’s requirement. For example, when the family gets bigger, adding a room is possible without a renovation job. Just simply adjust the load-bearing walls to insert additional beams for a room. The same can be said when the kids move out. Remove partitions and get more space.

Corner window of the Unika Stenhus design

Unika Stenhus’ designs are packed with amenities for efficient and comfortable living. Where can you find a house that boasts of a full-range of functional amenities? Only Unika Stenhus’ unique house designs feature folding book shelves, a winter garden, washing sink in the second floor, a sleeping alcove, a hanging balcony, and other amenities. What’s even more amazing is that you can choose to opt to add any or all of these amenities in your home!

Unika Stenhus has established its reputation as an expert stone house builder both in the country and abroad. Beyond the aesthetics of Unika Stenhus’ concrete house lies the true beauty of sustainable living!

Source: UnikaStenhus – Sveriges mest unika och flexibla stenhus någonsin